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 Infinity Training Group

About us........
Infinity Training Group
As our group runs 18 branches allover Egypt and four branches allover the Arab World, Infinity Training Group was founded to work as a coordinator of the international accreditations got by our centers and to supervise, evaluate, and improve the performance standards all over the branches to international like ones.
Legal Name:  Al Wady Company for Technology & Vocational Training
Public Name:  Infinity Training Group – ITG
Chairman:      Eng. / Mostafa Mohamed Gamal El Din

Infinity Training Group seeks to be one of the foremost institutes in Egypt and the Arab World. Guided by its mission, is committed to deliver EFL, Soft Skills, I.T, and Vocational Training Programs. Our distinction lies in our academic quality and our continuous quest for excellence.

·  To advance the intellectual and social condition of the people through quality programs of teaching and services.
·   To create and disseminate knowledge through teaching and learning and to transfer intellectual products to society.
· To prepare students for a competitive market place.
 · Infinity Training Group is dedicated to maintaining quality standards.
·     Infinity Training Group committed to excellence in a teaching/learning environment dedicated to promote high levels of student achievement, and to provide appropriate academic support

 Company Accreditations:
 1. Agent of Cambridge Training College Britain.
2. Member in the U.K Training Association.
3. U.S International Academy
4. Microsoft Certified Partner.
5. Certiport certified Testing Center.
6. Accredited as E.T.S testing center for the Paper Based TOEFL.
7. FUJITSU authorized training center.
Accredited as an I.M.C training provider in (English, Soft Skills, I.T, and Vocational Training)
Previous Work Experience
Training programs for about 850.000 trainees through 20 years of experience in professional training
Besides our great history in providing professional training programs for individuals allover Egypt in our branches, The company has conducted training to employees of the following companies and organizations:
Petroleum Companies:
Agiba Petroleum company) Head office, Naser City, Cairo - Meliha          field, Western Desert)
The General petroleum Company (Head office Cairo).
National Bank of Egypt: (Head Office and most of its branches all over Egypt(
Alexandria Bank (Headquarters – Cairo) and 12 branches all over Egypt.
Faisal Islamic Bank (Headquarters – Giza – Cairo).
Cairo Bank branches all over Egypt.
Miser Bank branches all over Egypt.
Governmental Companies and Organizations:
The Egyptian Company for Communication.
Middle Delta authority for electricity.
North Delta Authority for electricity.
The Industrial Authority, (Middle and Upper Egypt)
Persil and Lever Egypt Company
The Canadian project.
The General Investment Authority.
 Al Naser Company for Wooden Industries.
Miser Company for Textile.
Oriental Weavers Company.
BTM Textile Company in the 10th of Ramadan City..
El Swedy Company for Cables in the 10th of Ramadan City
The Egyptian – German Project (G.T.Z.)
Port Said Harbor Authority.
Tanta Stadium.
Shipping and Containers Company in Port Said.
Sharktex Company for Textile.
Milky Land Company in the 10th of Ramadan City.
The National Council for Population.
Dr. Greish Company for Glass Industry.
Al Basisa.
Meridian Heliopolis for two years.
Non Governmental Organizations – N.G.Os:
Al Nour for Development,
Shabab Al Mostakbal,
Sonaa Al Haya,

Addresses & Telephones I.T.G branches
1- Cairo
 (Heliopolis) :12 Almaza St.,of El-Thawra St. Tel: 02 / 6900207

2- Mansoura :
 3 Montaser St., El-Sawsan Building, of El-Galaa St. Tel: 050 / 225612

3- Port Said :
23 July St., El-Salam Building , Tel: 066 / 3327216
:23 July St., Aia Tower Tel: 066 / 3246624

4- Damietta :
El-Sharabasy St., near by Khalid Sweetshop Tel: 057 / 2252288

5- Tanta :
3 Hasan Radwan St.,El Bahr St.,beside BANZION Tel: 040 / 3309156

6- Zagazeeg :
Mogammaa El-Masaleh El-Hokomia St., Villa El-Ahd Tel: 055 / 2323758
: Al Forquan Building, front of Zagazig University, Sharkia Tel: 055 / 2350283

7- Esmaelia :
1 El-Soultan Hossen St., Tel : 064 / 356235

8- Suez :
5 Salah El-Deen St., of El-Gish St., behind El-Rakhawy Center Tel: 062 / 325166

9- Alex :
 Smoha, Petrochemicals Building , in front of ZAHRAN Tel: 03 / 4209632

10- El-Menia :
 37 Nevertity St. , Ard Soultan Tel: 086 / 367718

11- Kenna :
 Cultural Center, next to Moslems Youth Club Tel: 096 / 330679

12- Aswan :
 Hai- Khalid Ebn El-Waleed behind Commercial School Tel: 097 / 307799

13- Hurghada :
El-Sakala , Shiraton Way , behind Golden Hotel Tel: 065 / 446676

14- Met Ghamr
Ahmed Oraby street (El Bahr street) in the front of Ashoush studio
050/ 690 87 59        mobile : 011 197 86 16

15-Hurghada (new branch )

Tkseem el  Kawthar  in front of the airport beside  the schools of St. Joseph (el kdees youseef

014 3332008

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